Monthly:July 2010

The most beautiful beach in Lanzarote?

While this is not an easy question to answer as Lanzarote does have a lot of beautiful beaches as for example the “Playa de Papagayo” in the south of the island near Playa Blanca, “Playa Chica” in Puerto del Carmen, “Playa del Reducto” in the middle of Arrecife, “Playa las Cucharas” in Costa Teguise, “Caleton Blanco” just before you arrive in Orzola or the big beach in Famara with its spectacular backdrop, the truth is one of my favourite beaches […]

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The adventure to travel. Dahkla – Western Sahara

“All children have always liked exceptional events and surprises. Many have an adventurous soul who is often in the forefront of their personality. What usually happens is that as they mature, adult society diminishes this thirst for adventure, deleting it from the darkness of the heart of the child to make him believe it is dead. It’s a lie, because the child lives on, crouched behind the outer layer that society has forced him to mold. But the child is […]

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Photo- and Kite Safari in Morocco

Yes, I’m just back from my New Zealand trip about which you can read at and I’m off again, this time to Morocco. Actually it just a stone throw away from here, but still it feels like going to a different world. The last time I have been there in October 2005 on a surf trip with some good friends. A beautiful country with some incredible friendly and hospitable people. This time my trip will take me from Lanzarote […]

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Timanfaya – La Geria: Fire & Wine

Remember my travel photography workshop from the beginning of this year? One theme was “Aerial and Overhead Views” so I went towards the Tinguaton area here in Lanzarote as I thought I could get a nice view from one of the volcanos there overlooking La Geria and Timanfaya. I love this area with it’s almost unreal shapes and colours. Still, after all this years here on the island it impresses me to think that this landscape was formed only little […]

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