The most beautiful beach in Lanzarote?

Playa Las Conchas - La Graciosa - Lanzarote
Playa Las Conchas – La Graciosa – Lanzarote

While this is not an easy question to answer as Lanzarote does have a lot of beautiful beaches as for example the “Playa de Papagayo” in the south of the island near Playa Blanca, “Playa Chica” in Puerto del Carmen, “Playa del Reducto” in the middle of Arrecife, “Playa las Cucharas” in Costa Teguise, “Caleton Blanco” just before you arrive in Orzola or the big beach in Famara with its spectacular backdrop, the truth is one of my favourite beaches on Lanzarote actually is on our little neighboring island La Graciosa and it is the “Playa de las Conchas”. This magic beach is a 45 minutes walk from the little village Caleta de Cebo where the ferry from Lanzarote arrives.

La Graciosa is always a special place to go no matter how long one has been living here. Taking the ferry over to there always feels like taking of to a little holiday, a little adventure and once you arrive in the small harbour of La Graciosa it immediately feels like the ferry you have just been on not only transported you between the two islands, but as well back in time. Life in Caleta de Cebo is calm and without any rush. People waiting at the dock, watching the boat arrive, old men and women sitting on benches in the shadow with their typical Canarien hats on, chatting or just watching the time go past. There are two ferry services running between Lanzarote and La Graciosa. Have a look at the web sites of Lineas Romero and Biosfera Express to see the actual departure times.

There is almost no traffic on the unpaved roads and as soon as we leave the village you hardly won’t meet any person while you walk or bike over the sandy tracks towards my favourite beach. “Playa las Conchas” is situated in the North-West of the island and as you approach it, coming through dunes with white sand and green shrubs, the beach with its crystal blue and turquoise waters and the red volcano on its far end looks almost unreal like a surreal painting. There is plenty of space to pass an unforgettable day on the beach, bring along a picnic and your beach toys, pretty sure you will have the beach almost for yourself.

One word of advice so and even you might find the information on other web sites that the beach is safe for swimming, I do not completely agree with that. It is open to the North and that is where on Lanzarote we get most of the big swells from. Watch out as the beach drops quick into deep waters and that is why the waves can get pretty big directly on the shore, even when on first sight the sea might seem calm. So observe for a while before you venture for a dip in the refreshing blue.

If I could wake your appetite to visit this gem of a beach, have a look at the web sites of Outdoor Lanzarote, Ocio Lanzarote or Information Lanzarote. They all have walks (or you can rent a bike in La Graciosa) to “Playa las Conchas”. Guided and unguided tours are available with Terra-Atlantica. (Contact them to get info and prices as their web site currently is not in English.)

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Oh, and before I forget: What is your favourite beach on Lanzarote? Please let me and others now… don’t be shy 🙂

Have a great week!

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  1. That’s a tough question Dani and not one I can answer easily, it depends what mood I’m in as to which beach I love the best. Here’s my top three in no particular order and why:

    Playa de la Garita at Arrieta – first class locals beach, good for snorkelling, fishing, surfing and dining at one of two tapas bars there.
    Playa del Risco – situated at the foot of the Mirador del Río this beautiful beach is isolated with access by footpath down the cliff or by boat from the sea.
    Playa de Famara – for it’s sheer size and beauty plus I love the flat pebbles cobbled into the sand.

    I haven’t yet set foot on Playa las Conchas, I’ve seen it from the sea and think that when I do it will be in my top three.

  2. Playa Dorada in October Playa Blanca, on a Sunday. Not too many folk, the ususal stuff that you get on holiday, beach bar etc, glassy water, shandy, french fries, ketchup and mayo. Home and refreshed like you’ve been away for a week, when you wake up monday morning!:)

    Or Arrieta beach, tapas, staying late, good surf, sunday as well, in October less wind!:) Hard to choose really!

    Likewise Arrieta for that city beach vibe. spot of shopping or sushi later on . No kids , a preference, only because it’s easier, actually the beach is amazing for kids and very safe.

  3. Well, I see…. just as I said, this is not an easy question to answer. There are indeed loads of pretty beaches here in Lanzarote. Thank you so much for sharing yours and the detailed info about your reasons. I hope we have plenty of nice weather this summer and you can enjoy which ever beach “a tope”!

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