Photo- and Kite Safari in Morocco


Yes, I’m just back from my New Zealand trip about which you can read at and I’m off again, this time to Morocco. Actually it just a stone throw away from here, but still it feels like going to a different world. The last time I have been there in October 2005 on a surf trip with some good friends. A beautiful country with some incredible friendly and hospitable people. This time my trip will take me from Lanzarote over Gran Canaria to Dakhla in the Western Sahara. The spot here is well known in between Kite surfers, due to an amazing lagoon which provides the perfect location to kite to your hearts content. As I never have tried kite surfing I will take this chance and, apart from taking pictures, will try myself in this sport.
The surrounding of the area where I’m going to be should lend itself to take some amazing pictures  as well. Where the dessert meets the ocean, I can’t wait to get some nice impressions of yet another amazing place in wild nature and with vast spaces. Stay tuned to an update of my experiences there once I’m back.

The picture to this entry is from my last trip to Morocco and is taken in the harbor of Essaouira. We took a day trip from Taghazout, close to Agadir, where we have been staying. I remember we had lunch in a little restaurant just the road up the harbour there. We’ve been the only guest this afternoon and as soon as we had ordered our fish the waiter disappeared for at least 15 minutes. He came back with three fish in a basket which he must have got from one of the fishermen down at the ramp where these boat are lying. If you want some fresher fish you have to catch it yourself.

Ok, while I’m away and be sweating in the dessert I hope you’ll have a smashing week and why not, have a look at one of my photo galleries… for example: Colours of England.

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