Monthly:August 2010

Sweet Lanzarote September

When you ask me what season I think would be the best to come and visit Lanzarote I’ll definitely say to you autumn. And especially September is the month I am really looking forward to. With the beginning of September a different life seems to start here on our beautiful island. Suddenly there’s a cense of peace and relax in the air. The summer crowds are gone, the kids are back to school, summer is still lingering but you can […]

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There is no green on Lanzarote

I often heard this phrase from friends who came here for their first holiday in Lanzarote. Well, actually they are right because it is true that plants, trees and grass are not exactly abundant on our little island. And although Lanzarote was, before the volcanic eruptions from 1730 to 1736, known as the granary of the Canary Islands, today it is difficult to imagine that large parts of the island once where covered with corn fields. The six years of […]

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What to do in Lanzarote when it is so hot?

“The Spanish State Meteorological Service is expecting a rise in temperatures in Lanzarote compared to previous years. The reason for this prediction is the tendency of temperatures rising each year since 1998 due to global warming.” This is how a recent article in the local newspaper “La Voz de Lanzarote” starts and almost exactly one year has passed since we have experienced an intense heat wave on the island as you can read in my post “Heat wave on Lanzarote” […]

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Los Cocoteros and the “Salinas del Tío Alberto”

When nowadays there is the talk about salt flats, or “Salinas” as they are called in Spanish, on Lanzarote than it will be the Salinas de Janubio in the south of the island, near the village of Playa Blanca, which first will come on our mind, as these are the most well known Salinas in Lanzarote. Less well known is probably the fact that the salt flats in Lanzarote until yet not so long ago employed a large proportion of […]

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Kia Ora! Welcome to New Zealand

Like many of you know, I have been traveling through New Zealand for 10 weeks this year and I can tell you that it has been an incredible experience. It’s a fantastic country with beautiful landscapes and even more amazing locals. While it is true that there are fantastic landscapes all around the world, what makes New Zealand so unique is the mix and the proximity of all these landmarks and sights. There are times we have been driving in […]

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