The adventure to travel. Dahkla – Western Sahara


“All children have always liked exceptional events and surprises. Many have an adventurous soul who is often in the forefront of their personality. What usually happens is that as they mature, adult society diminishes this thirst for adventure, deleting it from the darkness of the heart of the child to make him believe it is dead. It’s a lie, because the child lives on, crouched behind the outer layer that society has forced him to mold. But the child is likely to appear again, in the minutes before death.”
Javier Reverte, “The adventure to travel”


We need to smell, taste, touch and hear the things. Only then we can understand the world in all its depth. That is the deeper reason for traveling, and after only a week in Morocco’s Western Sahara I now understand the fascination that Africa is to many people. The contrast between this tough, desolate landscape, seemingly almost inhospitable and its people for whom the words hospitality and respect still have a fundamental value and which have a heart as big as the desert and the sky itself, can not leave indifferent at anyone who has had the opportunity to meet them. I have gone to take photographs of yet another landscape and to learn how to do kite-surf, but I’ve seen much more than what could be recorded with a camera and learned a lot more than just a new hobby.

Perhaps the photo accompanying this post isn’t technically the best (anyway, I’m just starting in travel photography with people), but it is a tribute to the Saharawi people. The picture is taken in a typical tent in which they live and what we see in it is the moment when they did prepare some tea – or the Saharawi Whisky as one of them gracefully called it, but of course it doesn’t contain any alcohol. I was invited by one of them one day for no special reason. I was watching him as he was collecting razor clams on the shore and a moment later I found myself in his tent. They do not have much, almost nothing when compared to what we consider essential, but they opened me the doors of their modest home, they offered me to stay as long as I wish, willing to share the little they have today without knowing what they will have tomorrow without asking for anything in change at any time, simply because I was there this morning at the seashore.

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