Monthly:June 2011

One hand for the boat, one hand for yourself

  This is one of the most important sayings I have learned during this crossing from Lanzarote to the Azores. Low pressure and high pressure systems are the main responsible forces in creating wind. The atmosphere tends to equalize those pressure differences and for this reason air is flowing from the high pressure areas towards the centre of the low pressure systems. The result is the wind blowing into the sails of our vessel and so moving it over the […]

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Singapore, the heart of Asia

The air is hot an humid. Each step I take I get the sense of yet another smell so different, new and unknown. Fragrances of incense sticks and exotic foods are mixing up with the traffic and the noises of the metropolis. Singapore‚Ķ Where the ancient traditions of the continent of the rising sun meet the achievements of the western world. Whenever I have the chance I love to spent a few days in this city full of contrasts. No […]

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