Monthly:March 2012

Into thin air – Trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp

With every step I take I can feel the air gradually getting thinner. I do walk slowly but I’m breathing as if I am running up that steep snaky slope in front of me. The lack of oxygen is really becoming an issue above 3000 meters. Approximately 14 days takes the shortest route to Mt. Everest Base Camp from the airport at Lukla at 2800 meters. A rescue helicopter needs about 30 minutes for the same distance if weather permits. […]

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Intense colours, sounds and fragrances at a Hindu Wedding

The last weekend I had been invited to assist a typical Hindu wedding. Those weddings last for three days and are really fun. At least this is true for the guest as the couple to be married has to assist al kind of ritual ceremonies throughout the day. All this while the men are dancing to the music of a wedding band, guests eating in the for the occasion erected tent and chatting to the other members of the family. […]

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