Monthly:July 2011

In the kingdom of the blue sharks

    Blue, everything is blue. Light blue where the sun beams penetrate the surface a few meters above me to dark, almost black blue when I look down. Out of sight but down there, at about 1000 meters, is the sea floor. The next coast 12 nautical miles away. Here I am, in the middle of a giant ocean, breathing a bit nervous through my regulator which makes me sound like Darth Vader. The air I’m exhaling ascends forming […]

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Fiestas and bulls in Terceiras wonderful capital

  There’s a fantastic ambient in the road. People on the sidewalk, on the terraces of their houses and some have even climbed on top of the roofs. Small stalls are selling beer and tapas, young men with a basket in each hand walking the street up and down offering with loud voices the sweets they are carrying. The windows and balconies are decorated with colourful carpets. Some houses have barricaded their entrances and fences with thick wooden boards and […]

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Lakes of tears and a cup of tea

  The border of the road we are driving uphill is skirted by giant bushes of hortensias and beautiful trees. Every time the dense vegetation permits our gaze wanders over gently curved hills, covered by green fields and the blue sea in the background. After a little while we arrive at a viewpoint overlooking a paradise on its own. We are looking at what thousands of years ago was a huge fire spiting crater of a volcano, but today is […]

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The best bread in the world

  We are anchoring in a nice little bay with withe sand enclosed by hills with green bushes and trees which are standing so close together and whose branches are so fine and crocked that from a distance they seem like a giant broccoli. Our plan for this morning is to take the dinghy in order to get some bread and vegetables in the nearby village of Bahia de Praia. Even it is Sunday today we hope to find a […]

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