Monthly:April 2012

You can’t change the world but you can change someones world

If you have been reading my last post “Giving a future to Amit” you already know what the story is about. Many women here in Nepal when they are abandoned by their husbands are going through a very difficult time especially if they have children. This is the story of Kalpana and her son Amit which I have been writing about last week and it is the story of Sangita and her three children Rohan, Roju and Roshan too. When […]

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Giving a future to Amit

Like their story there are hundreds, maybe thousands in Nepal. Kalpana is only 23 years old and already has a almost hopeless future. Three years ago her husband abandoned her and her then only 3 years old son Amit. More often than not those women and their children are ostracized by their community and family when this happens. This is why many women disappear or commit suicide when their husbands die or abandon them as without a husband they have […]

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