About Me

About me

Adventurous Soul

All children have always liked exceptional events and surprises. Many have an adventurous soul who is often in the forefront of their personality. What usually happens is that as they mature, adult society diminishes this thirst for adventure, deleting it from the heart of the child to make it believe it is dead. It's a lie, because the child lives on, crouched behind the outer layer that society has forced him to mold.
But the child is likely to appear again, in the minutes before death.

Javier Reverte, "The adventure to travel"

I haven’t fought with pirates

But I sailed from the Canary Islands to the Azores. I haven’t been to Mongolia, but I have shared a tent with Saharawi in the Western Sahara. I have seen mesmerising sunrises in 5 Star tropical resorts and star filled Himalayan nights freezing in a sleeping bag. I enjoyed it all!

I’d be fine by myself on a deserted island or in the deep forest for a few weeks before I’d go insane. I enjoy the solitude, I can’t stand cities for more than three days but I also need human interaction. Balance is the key. I spend days behind the camera and nights in the digital darkroom creating the perfect picture. I am a perfectionist.

I love gran vistas

and vast landscapes. I’m humbled to meet and portrait ordinary people, in their extraordinary live. I take my time. I am no sniper. I don’t hit and run.

I have taken pictures for big companies yet always enjoyed to create for real people and NGO’s.

I was a photographer long before it was hip to be one. Long before Instagram and the race to produce shortliving, meaningless content. Don’t ask me about hashtags.

Introvert at times yet deeply believeing in teamwork and collaboration. Let’s be friends. Better yet, let’s go to Mongolia.

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