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The pier at Ora Beach - Maluku - Indonesia
4th May 2017

A glimpse of Paradise – Ora Beach

Ora Beach A glimpse of Paradise Ever wondered how it must feel to be in Paradise? Spending a couple of days at Ora Beach...

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Nyepi - Bali Silence Day 2017-2018 Ogoh-Ogoh Parade
28th March 2017

Nyepi – Bali’s Day of Silence

New Year’s Day as most of us know it might mean a hangover or a walk with family and friends. In Bali however the...

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14th December 2016

Calima – Lanzarote

“Calima” they call in Lanzarote those strong, hot winds blowing all the way from African dessert over the ocean and way past the Canary Islands....

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Veil of rain go by the beach
13th April 2016

Veil of Rain pas by the beach

“And like the sea, I am constantly changing from calm to hell” – Dallas Green – Like a curtain the falling rain pas by...

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21st June 2012

Balmy summer nights

It has been a while I wanted to spend a night up high in Lanzarote, looking down at our neighbor island La Graciosa. Well...

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15th April 2012

You can’t change the world but you can change someones world

If you have been reading my last post “Giving a future to Amit” you already know what the story is about. Many women here...

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4th April 2012

Giving a future to Amit

Like their story there are hundreds, maybe thousands in Nepal. Kalpana is only 23 years old and already has a almost hopeless future. Three...

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25th March 2012

Into thin air – Trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp

With every step I take I can feel the air gradually getting thinner. I do walk slowly but I’m breathing as if I am...

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4th March 2012

Intense colours, sounds and fragrances at a Hindu Wedding

The last weekend I had been invited to assist a typical Hindu wedding. Those weddings last for three days and are really fun. At...

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20th February 2012

Crazy bus rides, weddings and fresh chicken

An arranged wedding of a Christian couple. Well the bride was Hindu but her parents agreed to change their religion so her daughter could...

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