Timanfaya – La Geria: Fire & Wine

La Geria & Timanfaya
Panoramic sunset view over Lanzarote’s wine region and the fire mountains at sunset.

Remember my travel photography workshop from the beginning of this year? One theme was “Aerial and Overhead Views” so I went towards the Tinguaton area here in Lanzarote as I thought I could get a nice view from one of the volcanos there overlooking La Geria and Timanfaya. I love this area with it’s almost unreal shapes and colours. Still, after all this years here on the island it impresses me to think that this landscape was formed only little more than 200 years ago by the famous eruptions that came over Lanzarote. I see the rivers of solidified lava and try to imagine them as a slow flowing, hot bubbling mass of liquified rock.

The volcano behind the little village of La Asomada offers the one who dares to climb it some beautiful 360º views towards Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Puerto Calera and even Fuerteventura on one side and some even more spectacular sights towards La Graciosa, the Risco de Famara, La Geria (the famous wine area in Lanzarote) and of course the Timanfaya National Park.
On the picture accompanying this post you can see in the front the typical little circles of the La Geria wine area in which the local wine-growers plant the vine. This is an incredible laborious technique, unique to Lanzarote due to the harsh conditions and the special characteristics of the volcanic soil.
On the far left is the volcano “El corazóncillo” (the little heart), my favorite volcano in Lanzarote. It’s shape and colours are spectacular especially when the sun starts getting low.
Between this volcano and the circles for the vines spreads an area so called “Malpais” which means “Bad land”. This is a landscaped formed by the solidified rivers of lava. It is a surreal landscape which often makes me think on Mordor, the shadowland from the book “Lord of the Rings”.
Behind the peaks of Timanfaya you can sense the wild atlantic ocean, melting almost seamlessly with the sky. A fantastic sight!

If you are in the area, there are a few Bodegas worth a visit where you can see yourself and learn how the Lanzarote wines are produced. Have a look on the site of iLanzarote to find a list of some Bodegas, the type of wine they are making and their contacts in order to arrange a visit or some wine testing. If you have trouble with their site (only in Spanish), feel free to comment on this post and I’ll come up with some recommendations. There are also some nice walks around this area. Have a look at some hiking routes by Ociolanzarote or Outdoorlanzarote. If you prefer to walk with a guide, try with Terra-Atlantica.
If you would like to try a nice walk I did in this area, read: Circular Walk from Vegas de Tegoyo passing Montaña del Cuervo.

Have a nice week!

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