Lanzarote sun & shadows

A place in the shade
Summer afternoon, hot sun, blue sky… who could resist a little siesta in the shade? Be lazy, relax, enjoy the life passing slow.

What makes Lanzarote so unique, and this is especially true for the photographer, is its contrast and the singular light conditions. While the keen photographer knows, that the best conditions for taking pictures are early in the morning or later in evening when the sun sets, the truth is that here on Lanzarote I do like the conditions when the sky is clear and the sun is high up in the sky. While this aren’t the perfect conditions for landscapes & Co., but they fit for some other scenes. I do like the play between bright white walls and the shadows thrown on to seem, giving almost the impression of a black and white picture.

This image was taken as I was visiting the Agriculture Museum “El Patio” in the little village of Tiagua in Lanzarote. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a clear blue sky. On many Canarian houses you can find benches built on the leeward side which invite on such days to spent the siesta on or to simply share a glass of wine with some friends while escaping the midday heat. A friend of mine always says: The Canarian people are real champions when it comes to relaxation.

Anyway, and if you haven’t been to yet, the Agriculture Museum in Tiagua is defiantly worth a visit. And this is specially true if you are here in Lanzarote for holidays and only have a limited amount of time to discover the culture and traditions here on the island. The museum gives a nice inside view of the typical architecture, farming and history on Lanzarote and you even get invited to try some local wine and cheese. Even for the little ones there is plenty to discover and animals to observe.
The picture to this post, and some others from the Argiculture Museum “El Patio” can be found in my gallery of Lanzarote pictures. Unfortunately the museum does not have a website yet (it is privately run and I guess money is short), but I’ll be happy to provide you with some more information if you want to. Just use the comment section of this post, like that other readers can benefit from the answers as well.

Have a nice week

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