Back on Lanzarote from New Zealand

New Zealand Forest Stream
Fjordland – South Island – New Zealand

Well, that  was definitely a trip of a lifetime, even I hope it wasn’t the last one. The last three month almost I have spent traveling the north and the south island of New Zealand. It is an incredible country for everybody who likes to be one with nature. Vast landscapes, almost endless and such a variety of different sights in an relatively small space. Mountains, forest, lakes, sea, beaches and so on. Yes, one can find all this in other places and for sure very nice as well. But what is so special about New Zealand is, that you can have all these landscapes at a time. Sometimes we’ve been driving and through our windscreen we could see the sea with golden beaches and the rain forest in front of snow covered peaks. I bet there is not many places in the world where there is so much scenery so close together. The only difficult thing sometimes was, to keep on walking or driving, as every corner looks like a postcard and every place invites to stay a little bit longer. But everything ends, and so now I’m back in Lanzarote again. But hey, I could imagine worse places to return to (and not many which could be better ;-)). So soon I should come up with some new Lanzarote pictures here as I got some new a nice inspiration on my trip. Apart from the New Zealand album I am preparing for this site, so check in here every now and than or simply sign up for my newsletter and you won’t miss anything of what’s going on here. Meanwhile have a look at the work of some photographers I met while traveling the other side of the world.

  • Stewart Nimmo (great photographs from the South Islands west coast)
  • Fraser Gunn (Landscapes, Wildlife and night skies from the McKenzie country on the South Island)
  • Gene Glover (New Zealand landscapes shot on film)

And if you haven’t been there yet, have a look at the blog we’ve been writing while on our trip through New Zealand.

Fjordland, south west on New Zealands South Island is with an average of 260 days of rain per year one of the wettest places on this planet. Despite this fact it is a magic place with forests that seem to come right out of a fairy tale. The moss in some places is so thick and dense, that one can’t hardly see the bark on the trees trunks and if you walk of the path you sink almost up to your knees into this green carpet.

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