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9th August 2010

Los Cocoteros and the “Salinas del Tío Alberto”

When nowadays there is the talk about salt flats, or “Salinas” as they are called in Spanish, on Lanzarote than it will be the...

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2nd August 2010

Kia Ora! Welcome to New Zealand

Like many of you know, I have been traveling through New Zealand for 10 weeks this year and I can tell you that it...

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26th July 2010

The most beautiful beach in Lanzarote?

While this is not an easy question to answer as Lanzarote does have a lot of beautiful beaches as for example the “Playa de...

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19th July 2010

The adventure to travel. Dahkla – Western Sahara

“All children have always liked exceptional events and surprises. Many have an adventurous soul who is often in the forefront of their personality. What...

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12th July 2010

Photo- and Kite Safari in Morocco

Yes, I’m just back from my New Zealand trip about which you can read at and I’m off again, this time to Morocco....

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5th July 2010

Timanfaya – La Geria: Fire & Wine

Remember my travel photography workshop from the beginning of this year? One theme was “Aerial and Overhead Views” so I went towards the Tinguaton...

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28th June 2010

Lanzarote sun & shadows

What makes Lanzarote so unique, and this is especially true for the photographer, is its contrast and the singular light conditions. While the keen...

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21st June 2010

Back on Lanzarote from New Zealand

Well, that  was definitely a trip of a lifetime, even I hope it wasn’t the last one. The last three month almost I have...

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11th April 2010

From volcanoes and other shores

Greetings from New Zealand. All that preparation in travel photography of course had a goal. I’m in the land that has served as backdrop...

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7th February 2010

Lanzarote Travel Photography – La Graciosa

This is the second week of my travel photography workshop. The idea was to get a dynamic landscape shot. This picture was selected by...

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