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Around the world at home

Singapore, the heart of Asia

The air is hot an humid. Each step I take I get the sense of yet another smell so different, new and unknown. Fragrances...

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Mystic Island Lanzarote

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In...

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Lost Childhood | Dahkla – Morroco

Un Dirham, s’il vous plait monsieur, un Dirham… the kids are running over the beach towards our little group stretching out their arms with...

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A trip to La Graciosa

Most visitors to Lanzarote enjoy the easy going lifestyle and the fact that the island still conserves its purity so different to some other...

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One of my Lanzarote photos in a local magazine

NU2 (Nudos) – Mar y Arte (Sea and Arts) is a a local magazine focusing on stories, pictures and art related to the sea....

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Winter wonderland Lanzarote

Well to tell the truth until a week ago we had not much of a winter here on Lanzarote. If you live or have...

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Sea turtles in Fuerteventura

As my Facebook friends already know, last weekend I witnessed the birth of more than 80 sea turtles on the beach of Cofete in...

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Sweet September in Lanzarote | Part II

It was only last week I told you that I’m always looking forward to September here on Lanzarote and it looks like this year...

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Sweet Lanzarote September

When you ask me what season I think would be the best to come and visit Lanzarote I’ll definitely say to you autumn. And...

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There is no green on Lanzarote

I often heard this phrase from friends who came here for their first holiday in Lanzarote. Well, actually they are right because it is...

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