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Around the world at home
15th February 2012

One of my pictures on page two of Nepal’s most read newspaper

Just a short post on some nice news I got as I came back from my weekend trip in rural Nepal. The Kathmandu Post,...

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10th February 2012

In between funerals and power cuts – Every day life in Kathmandu

In between funerals and power cuts - Every day life in Kathmandu

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28th January 2012

Helping orphanage children in Nepal

A bit more than a week I am now in Nepal. While I informed myself well about the situation of orphanages here in Nepal...

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20th December 2011

This year your gift could touch a child’s life

In January I will travel to Nepal in order to volunteer in orphanages in the area of Kathmandu. The organisation I’ll be volunteering for...

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28th July 2011

In the kingdom of the blue sharks

    Blue, everything is blue. Light blue where the sun beams penetrate the surface a few meters above me to dark, almost black...

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20th July 2011

Fiestas and bulls in Terceiras wonderful capital

  There’s a fantastic ambient in the road. People on the sidewalk, on the terraces of their houses and some have even climbed on...

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12th July 2011

Lakes of tears and a cup of tea

  The border of the road we are driving uphill is skirted by giant bushes of hortensias and beautiful trees. Every time the dense...

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5th July 2011

The best bread in the world

  We are anchoring in a nice little bay with withe sand enclosed by hills with green bushes and trees which are standing so...

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30th June 2011

One hand for the boat, one hand for yourself

  This is one of the most important sayings I have learned during this crossing from Lanzarote to the Azores. Low pressure and high...

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16th June 2011

Singapore, the heart of Asia

The air is hot an humid. Each step I take I get the sense of yet another smell so different, new and unknown. Fragrances...

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