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Around the world at home
31st January 2010

Lanzarote Travel Photography

Over the next eight weeks I will be attending a workshop that deals with travel photography. Vacation, pictures and Lanzarote is of course a...

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12th November 2009

Lanzarotes first Winter Waves

This picture is taken early in the morning down the street where I live. During the night we could hear the waves getting bigger...

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26th August 2009

Photography For Lanzarote

Well, I have just had an e´mail from Strawberry World, the company in Madeira that asked me to take the photographs of Lanzarote, and...

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11th August 2009

Circular Walk From Vegas De Tegoyo Passing Montaña Del Cuervo

The onset of this walk is at the small church in Tegoyo, a church which is part of the estate of Casa Tegoyo, an...

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4th August 2009

Heat Wave On Lanzarote

Almost 50ºC (122ºF) that’s what the thermometers on Lanzarote measured last weekend. Even on our warm and sunny island we don’t feel such heat...

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