What to do in Lanzarote when it is so hot?


“The Spanish State Meteorological Service is expecting a rise in temperatures in Lanzarote compared to previous years. The reason for this prediction is the tendency of temperatures rising each year since 1998 due to global warming.”

This is how a recent article in the local newspaper “La Voz de Lanzarote” starts and almost exactly one year has passed since we have experienced an intense heat wave on the island as you can read in my post “Heat wave on Lanzarote” from last year in August. Anyone who does know me, knows that the subject of environmental protection is very important to me and I think it is in the hands of every one of us to make a change, no matter how small, to help to protect and conserve our planet for next generations to come. But today I do not want to hold any sermons, but think about where and how we can escape the heat in Lanzarote on such days as we have experienced them last week.

First thing coming onto our minds of course are all the great beaches we have here in Lanzarote, but as well the piers and promenades are becoming a favourite place for many in order to refresh body and soul. The photo for today’s post is taken on the beach promenade in Playa Blanca where the village children throw themselves into the crystal clear water which so often remind me of the Caribbean. Or is it the Caribbean which reminds me of Lanzarote? I personally do like, on such hot days, the already beautiful villages of Arrieta and Punta Mujeres on the islands north-east coast even more. Not just because there the temperatures are usually more moderate than in the south, but also because of the many natural pools right on the shore in which our sun tortured body can find the desired relieve.
Another good option is paying a visit to the “Cueva de los Verdes” or “Jameos del Agua” which both belong to the network of Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote. The advantage of “Jameos del Agua” is that we can move freely. I.e. one does not have to follow a guided tour, and we can stay here as long as we want to. Bring along a book, sit down in the shade on the terraces beside the small underground lake and enjoy the relaxed and refreshing atmosphere. Information regarding the Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote is available on the website of Turismolanzarote.com.
Also a good place is the Lanzarote’s wineries, or Bodegas as they are called here. Where wine is stored in cool places, man also finds refuge from the scorching sun. Apart from the fact that we can experience and learn something of the fascinating history of wine in Lanzarote. Some of the wineries do even have a restaurant where visitors can enjoy some local wine and the excellent regional kitchen. Here once again I refer to the website of Tourismolanzarote.com to find an extensive list of Lanzarotes local wineries.
But the best place to escape the heat is probably submerged into the sea. The underwater world of Lanzarote, in addition to the cooling effect, opens a whole new world and insights into an interesting and very little known habitat. There are many different dive sites in Lanzarote, suitable to all skill levels. For a bit more than two years now, it is even possible to dive in the marine reserve located at La Graciosa, which is a veritable feast for your eyes. There is a number of diving centres in Lanzarote which all offer guided dives and diving courses. For all those of you who never have tried diving before I can really recommend you to give it a go. Do not worry as it is much easier and safer than it might seem at first.

So, and where do you cool down yourself if the heat seems to be unbearable?

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  1. Fantastisches Foto! Weckt Lust einfach mit hinein zu toben, in’s kühle Nass. Mein Fluchtpunkt bei unerträglicher Hitze: Wasser, denn da ist ja doch meist noch kühler als an der Luft. Aber eine Höhle oder Weinkeller kann ich mir auch sehr angenehm vorstellen. Das werde ich auf jeden Fall testen, sobald ich das nächste Mal auf Lanzarote bin! Ein schöne woche wünsche ich … und freue mich schon auf’s nächste Bild 🙂

  2. Global warming is a man-made myth. Climate. weather, temperature is constantly changing. Look at the very severe winter in the UK earlier this year – just awful. The global warning sycophants kept very quiet when there was 20 cms of snow on the ground and transport came to a halt!

    When Lanza is hot, yes, stay indoors, swim, or Jameos del Agua is an excellent idea. Just be sensible and don’t sunbathe – like some of my neighbours did – they must have been mad!!

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