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Dani's children in Nepal
Rohan, Roju and Roshan with their mother Sangita in front of their room where they all live together.

If you have been reading my last post “Giving a future to Amit” you already know what the story is about. Many women here in Nepal when they are abandoned by their husbands are going through a very difficult time especially if they have children. This is the story of Kalpana and her son Amit which I have been writing about last week and it is the story of Sangita and her three children Rohan, Roju and Roshan too.
When I was organizing the school for Amit a Nepali friend of mine brought a woman to me with her three children. This is when I saw Sangita for the first time. Her story is very similar to Kalpana’s as her husband left her and her children about two years ago. Also she knows where he is he refuses to help her and take care of his children as now he is married to another woman. Unfortunately the Nepali Government and laws are no help at all in those cases even when the whereabouts of the father are known.
Sangita can hardly maintain herself and the children with her construction job. Ten hours a day at least she is carrying stones for the builders in a basket that weighs easily a 40 kilos only wearing some worn out flip flops on her feet. A bone breaking job and on top she has to look after her children which are with her on the construction site because she has nobody who could look after them.
When I heard her story I contacted my friend Anish from VolNepal and asked him if he can help me to help Sangita and the children. Without a doubt he joined me on this project and was able to help me with some useful tips in order to get all the three children to go to school. I arranged another meeting with the school where just a few days before I brought little Amit to. As I still had some donation money left I could sponsor another year in school for one of the children. A second scholarship my friend Anish made possible through his organization VolNepal with which he does a really wonderful work in Nepal. And after some talking and convincing the principal of the school agreed to give one scholarship for free so all the three kids are able to go to school.

I am really happy that we have achieved such a great goal. In less then a week we have been able to get four children into school. Helping them and their mothers, giving them the hope that some day they will have the chance of a life in better conditions as they are in at the moment. Thanks to the donations of some of you and thanks to the help of VolNepal. I really would like to encourage you to have a look at their website or follow their actions by liking their Facebook page as I think they are doing a amazing work helping children, women and all those who are less privileged. If you ever would like to do some volunteer work in Nepal and maybe combine this with exploring this beautiful country as well, I only can recommend to you to contact them. You’ll not only be in good hands but without a doubt you’ll have a unforgettable experience that really will broaden your horizon.



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  1. Hallo Dani,

    korrekte Sache die du da machst. Wäre es möglich eine spende von 50 € über dich laufen zulassen, dh. ich gebe oder schicke dir das Geld zusätzlich zu deinem nächsten Lohn?

    Wann bist du wieder einsatzbereit was meine Webseite angeht. Könnte ich dir schon mal die Änderungen schicken? Wenn ja an welche Adresse?

    Viele Grüsse und bis denne, Peter

  2. Heyyy!!! Qué tal va la experiencia? Ya has vuelto para España? Aquí otro voluntario en Nepal desde diciembre, sufriendo las mismas situaciones que tú, conociendo a estas personas maravillosas pero con un pasado terrible y un presente por confirmar… Namaste Dai.

    • Erik Dai, hace ya unas semanas que he vuelto a España y lo cierto es a veces la vida ya me parece muy extraño aquí. Mis pensamientos están mucho con la gente en Nepal que como tu dices son de lo más adorable. Estoy preparando un pequeño proyecto desde aquí que me permite de conseguir los fondos necesarios para seguir pagando la escuela a “mis niños” Amit, Roshan, Roju y Rohan. Estoy muy ilusionado con esto.
      Te deseo que todo vaya bien con el tuyo y que sigues acumulando más de estas experiencias increíbles que uno vive en este país maravilloso.


  3. Dani, I think you are doing a great job helping these helpless women and kids. What attracted me was your title that I found on facebook page of Vol Nepal and after reading your words here, I feel that we can do so much to make lives better for the people who are suffering & not able to raise their voice.

    Wish you peace and joy dear Dani!


  4. Hola Dani! Vengo a conocerte desde el blog de Margary, y me ha encantado tu trabajo pero también tu sensibilidad para temas tan especiales como éste. Increíble labor estás haciendo!

  5. Muchas gracias Rocio para tomarte el tiempo de ver mi pagina y comentar sobre mi pequeño proyecto. Me alegro mucho que lo encuentras interesante y te agradezco tu soporte moral. Significa mucho para mi. Un saludo desde Lanzarote.

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