Giving a future to Amit

Dani's children in Nepal

Like their story there are hundreds, maybe thousands in Nepal. Kalpana is only 23 years old and already has a almost hopeless future. Three years ago her husband abandoned her and her then only 3 years old son Amit. More often than not those women and their children are ostracized by their community and family when this happens. This is why many women disappear or commit suicide when their husbands die or abandon them as without a husband they have very little chances of a dignified life. Without the possibility for a well paid work they are left to their own faith. This is also true for Kalpana and Amit. While she is lucky to have found a family running a small hotel in Pokhara giving her a little job in their establishment, the money she earns there is hardly enough to buy food and cloth for her and her little boy. To pay a proper education and thus the prospect of a better future for Amit is out of her reach.

I found out about Kalpana and Amit by accident. A Nepali friend told me about them and so I decided to make the six hours journey by bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara to get to know and help them with the donations I got from my recent fundraising. I scheduled an appointment with the principle of a private school and paid the school and examination fees for one year in advance. After that I accompanied Kalpana and Amit to buy the necessary school uniforms, books, paper, pencils and a satchel. Now the education for the little boy is assured for the next school year which is about to start in a few weeks in Nepal. Following is a list of things of what the donations given to me have bought and their approximate prices in Euros:

  • School fee, Examination fees, Transport to school and lunch in school for one school year 240,- Euro
  • School uniforms 25,- Euro
  • School bag 7,50 Euro
  • School books for one year 19,50 Euro
  • 40 Pencils, 50 colour pencils, 30 exercise books, some drawing paper, sharpeners and erasers (hopefully enough for one year) 14,- Euro

A gran total of 306 Euro for one year of Amit’s education.

While all this is good news, the the truth is that after one year all this has to be done again. Otherwise Amit can not continue his studies and all the effort done till now would be in vain. Therefor I would like to ask you already to contact me if you would like to contribute to Amit’s education for the next year. I have all the necessary contacts to assure that every cent given will go in it’s integrity towards Amit’s cause. Every little bit will help to make a difference in his life. From time to time I am able to keep you updated with his progress in school through a quarterly report which will be sent to me by the school.

Thank you so much!

P.S. While I am writing this post Sangita is sitting in front of me. She is the mother of three children and shares the same destiny as Kalpana. Her husband left her about two years ago and now she is working carrying stones on a construction site to maintain her children. A hard and bad paid job. In my next post I will tell her story and how I was able to help her and her children too. Please subscribe to my newsletter and you will get a email as soon as this post will be online. Another way to stay up to date on all the news I have to tell is to like my Facebook page. So make sure you are heading over there and check it out.

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