Sweet September in Lanzarote | Part II

Lanzarote - Famara
Famara cliffs at sunset

It was only last week I told you that I’m always looking forward to September here on Lanzarote and it looks like this year also September won’t let us down. The first few days here on the island couldn’t have been better. Blue skies, hardly any wind and with that unforgettable sunsets. When the sun is in it’s last few hours the change in light is just spectacular. Everywhere you can see people getting their cameras out trying to capture that magic moment when the sun starts to disappear behind the horizon. On this weeks photograph you see the beautiful beach Famara at low tide. Have a look at last weeks post if you don’t know why this beach is especially pretty at low tide. Being at Famara beach on a day like this is pure magic so if you are here on the island right now you should not miss out on this. Go for a walk, you can leave your car in the village and walk to the other end of the beach which, depending on how fast you go of course, takes you easily an hour return. And don’t forget your camera as you will regret it if you leave it at home.

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  1. Stunning photo Dani 🙂 I really noticed the change in light last week – the visible detail was just incredible, it was like seeing Lanzarote again for the first time. Just to look at the houses, landscapes and views as I was travelling around was breath taking.

    I love September in Lanzarote.

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