Sweet Lanzarote September


When you ask me what season I think would be the best to come and visit Lanzarote I’ll definitely say to you autumn. And especially September is the month I am really looking forward to. With the beginning of September a different life seems to start here on our beautiful island. Suddenly there’s a cense of peace and relax in the air. The summer crowds are gone, the kids are back to school, summer is still lingering but you can feel a change lying in the air. It is the month of mild evenings without the usually constantly blowing wind, calm sea and beautiful sunsets while having barbecues at the beach. The atmosphere can’t get much better as maybe you can imagine a bit while looking at the photograph from some of my friends enjoying the sweet September conditions. During the daytime temperatures are not so sizzling anymore and the water of the ocean now has just the right temperature to enjoy swimming, snorkeling or surfing for hours. It is in September when on Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands you can observe the so called “Mareas del Pino”. It is the time of the year when the difference between high and low tide is the largest. This usually happens at the beginning of September and with a full moon. This particularly tide is called so in honor to the holy virgin “Neustra Señora del Pino” which is one of the Marian devotions representing the Virgin Mary and the Offerings to her are celebrated at the 8th of September each year. If you have the chance to visit a beach like Famara on low tide during the “Mareas del Pino” you will find a huge sandy playground to play and walk for hours with the spectacular cliffs of the “Risco de Famara” as a backdrop.

But September is also the month for some of the nicest village festivals to take place on the island. Famara, Teguise, Guatiza and Yaiza to name just a few. But the one the whole island is looking forward to is maybe the fiesta de “Nuestra Señora de los Volcanes” (Our Lady of the Volcanoes). This fiesta is held in the middle of September in the little village of Mancha Blanca on Lanzarotes west coast to honor the Virgin who stopped the flowing lava during the big eruptions on Lanzarote from 1730 to 1736 from destroying the village. Virtually almost the whole island will pilgrimage to Mancha Blanca where the biggest and most beautiful village festival of Lanzarote will be celebrated. Make sure to check in with my blog here as I will be one of the pilgrims too and here, on this site, I’ll share my experience there with you. A good possibility to stay always on top with new posts and photos on this blog is to subscribe yourself to my newsletter or have a look and be my friend on Facebook.

And like it isn’t so hot anymore, why not take a walk and enjoy and photograph Lanzarotes beautiful and unique Landscape.

Have a beautiful September wherever you are.

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