Winter wonderland Lanzarote

Foggy morning in El Tinguaton
The rising sun pushs back the fog that had settled during the night on the solidified lava and volcanoes of El Tinguatón in Lanzarote / Canary Islands / Spain

Well to tell the truth until a week ago we had not much of a winter here on Lanzarote. If you live or have been here from December till the end of January you probably agree that Lanzarote felt like pure summer. No wind, clear blue skies and beautiful days on the beach. Absolutely amazing even more if we think on that the rest of Europe was either flooded or completely covered with snow. As I mentioned in my first post from this year, I have been to Germany and had never seen my hometown covered in so much snow.

Anyway, an rather then showing here off yet another sunny Lanzarote picture I have two real special ones I always wanted to take. With the meteorological conditions we had at the start of this year in Lanzarote there is a magical new landscape to be discovered early in the morning in the area of El Tinguaton and the Timanfaya National Park. Hot days and cold nights produce a morning fog in this already mystical area and with the first light of the rising sun the landscape becomes a magical experience. I climbed before sunrise at the top of a volcano in El Tinguaton and was rewarded with some incredible views onto this sea of clouds gently wrapping some of the peaks around me and starting to rise from the solidified rivers of lava. A truly magic moment.

But the truth is that there is not always sunshine and clear blue skies even here on our little island Lanzarote. But it is also true that every now and than I do like that. I admit that this could spoil your holiday but for the island the rain is important and most of the times it wont rain for long anyway and then, when the sun comes out again, Lanzarote really starts to come to life. The volcanos get covered in a green blanket and flowers start to grow everywhere. But even while it is cloudy and raining it is worth to go out and have a look around. Many times you will see the sun peaking through the covered sky sending a sunbeam to spotlighting parts of the landscape turning it into a big stage of moving clouds and dots of light. So the next time it looks bit unfriendly outside don’t stay at home. Go out and feel alive.

Finishing off this post with some news and recommendations. First of all there is a new website and service here on Lanzarote and it is called Sailing Lanzarote. It is a site I have done for a friend of mine and she is offering sailing trips and charters with her beautiful vessel from Puerto Calero here on Lanzarote. If you plan to come over and would like to spent a day or two out on the sea, she’s the person to talk to. Not only is a day with her an unforgettable experience thanks to her know how and fun character, also her cooking is superb!

Hopefully by next week I’ll be a step closer to my photography dream as right now I am preparing for the Fotonature La Palma 2011 – Natural Photo Masterclass which will be held on the “Isla Bonita” La Palma. Looking forward to learn from some great photographers like Dan Westergren (National Geographic Traveler), Iván Bouso (National Geographic Channel), David Santiago (for Traveler, GEO and Lonley Planet etc.) and Iñaki Relanzón (for National Geographic, GEO, New York Times etc.) I am really looking forward to this one and will keep you updated here and on my Facebook page. Please have a look.

Last but not least, and if you haven’t been there in a while, have a look at my Lanzarote photo gallery as I have added a few new images there.

Keep rocking

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