Fiestas and bulls in Terceiras wonderful capital



There’s a fantastic ambient in the road. People on the sidewalk, on the terraces of their houses and some have even climbed on top of the roofs. Small stalls are selling beer and tapas, young men with a basket in each hand walking the street up and down offering with loud voices the sweets they are carrying. The windows and balconies are decorated with colourful carpets. Some houses have barricaded their entrances and fences with thick wooden boards and behind them you can see sitting ladies with umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun and men with hats. Children, teenagers, adults… Everybody is out and watching to a point somewhere down the road. There in a big box, beside a small and multicoloured chapel, I can hear something wild kicking on the wooden walls. Suddenly a banger explodes and everybody who’s still on the street starts to move quicker, looking to get into a house, up a tree or a wall. For or five men with white shirts and black hats are holding onto a rope when the door of the box flies open. Out comes a furious bull running strait towards some brave guys trying to call its attention moving their arms up and down. The shepherds hold on stronger onto the rope trying to keep the bull within a certain limit, which does not seem an easy job when the animal starts to run almost dragging the men behind. And then the crowd starts running into my direction and now I can see the bull pretty close to me. Trying to keep focus with my camera onto the action I’m running to find a shelter. The owner of one of the stalls is calling me, opening a small gap he left in his defense. From there I can see some guys standing in front of the bull, armed with umbrellas and sheets, avoiding the horns of the attacking animal only in the last moment. The show lasts about ten or fifteen minutes then the shepherds guide the bull back into its box. What an emotion, I can feel my heart racing. Right know I need a beer which I order from the man who offered me shelter in my first bull race.

It’s important here to mention that no bull gets harmed during these kind of races. Fact that I did like very much.

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