Intense colours, sounds and fragrances at a Hindu Wedding

Hindu Wedding - Nepal
During the second day of their wedding the couple has to pass for hours doing offerings and rituals. Fire, flowers, water and colours play an important role during the ceremony.

The last weekend I had been invited to assist a typical Hindu wedding. Those weddings last for three days and are really fun. At least this is true for the guest as the couple to be married has to assist al kind of ritual ceremonies throughout the day. All this while the men are dancing to the music of a wedding band, guests eating in the for the occasion erected tent and chatting to the other members of the family. There where about 300 guest attending and I was really happy to meet two fellow photographers taking pictures of the ceremony. Even they could not speak English very good they where able to put me in the right locations at the right time as there is so many things going on and it’s hard to guess where there is the good spot to take some pictures. The wedding itself is an intense explosion of colours, sounds and smells. The women are dressed up in beautiful colourful traditional cloth with loads of jewelry. The whole day they burn incense sticks and fires for the couple while priests say prayers in their sing sang language.

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  1. Los aromas y los sonidos, desafortunadamente,no podemos ni olerlos ni escucharlos…pero los colores…esos sì!! Explosivos y estraordinarios,càlidos y magnificos, de verdad! Y todo eso gracias a tus fotos que logran transmitir esa variedad de emociònes a quienes las miren! Gracias!

  2. Ziemlich vielseitiger Artikel, auch wir haben unseren Urlaub in den Dolomiten verbracht, und zwar wunderschönen Dorf Innichen. Dort gab es sehr viel Abwächslung gab.

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