Lanzarotes first Winter Waves

Waves crashing over a volcanic reef
La Santa – Lanzarote

This picture is taken early in the morning down the street where I live. During the night we could hear the waves getting bigger and in the morning when I woke up the bay of La Santa was looking like it had snowed. The white water of the breaking waves covered the whole bay.

…while one might, I suppose, wish for a bloom to remain in blossom, for a ripening grape to hang always on the vine – yearnings John Keats made his own, for fleeting beauty and youth, the understandably hopeless hope that we might freeze our world’s better moments – the wave’s plenitude is rather in the peeling of the petal, the very motion of the falling fruit.

Daniel Duan, from “Caught Inside: A Surfer’s Year on the California Coast”

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  1. What a stunning shot Dani, I love this photo. This must have been taken during our yellow weather alert for high winds, at the end of the week the Santa Pro surfers were here.

  2. Glad you like it Jules. You’re right about the time the shot was taken. I was surprised by the size of the waves as I can’t remember a winter season here on Lanzarote beginning with such monsters 😉

  3. Gracias Yari, creo que si, la foto impresiona aún mas si conoces el lugar y te sabes un poco las relaciones de tamaño.

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