Sleeklens – Through the Wood Workflow Review

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The nice folks over at Sleeklens gave me the opportunity to try out their Lightroom presets for landscape photographers which they call “Through the woods”. Not actually a huge fan of presets I gave it a try and here is my review and fife cents on those.

First surprise was actually not only to find the Through The Woods Presets where one would expect them, in the presets section in the Lightroom develop module, but also you will find a nice array of those presets in your adjustment brushes and gradient filters.

A nice touch of the presets in the Lightroom presets section is that Sleeklens’ presets are stackable meaning that they are made in way so you can built them up on one another till you find your desired look. In total one gets 51 presets and 30 brushes presets for landscape editing with the Through The Woods landscape bundle. This sounds like an intimidating amount of presets to work with but not only are all presets named, giving you most of the time a good hint of what they will do to your image, but also the girls and boys at Sleeklens have put together some nice video tutorials to get you started in using and also on how to install their presets so really there is no point in repeating what they already have explained so well.

All nice, but how do they perform? Well, like with most of the presets out there very rarely I get the look I am after right of the bat. But this isn’t a bad thing at all and rather something that I would expect. After all, every image is different and needs a different treatment. However I have found that often Sleeklens’ Through The Woods presets give me a good starting point especially when I have no clue at all what to do with a certain picture. Most of the presets, when first applied are a bit over the edge but this is actually what made them quiet interesting to me. They gave me kind of an exaggerated starting point and as they are completely editable it was just a question of dialling some of the values down till I got what I thought would be a good image. This is true for the presets and the brushes as well. This is truly a nice approach where one reduces the edits down to a point it looks good rather then coming the other, usual way where one starts to bump the image. Also I find the presets very elaborated and once you start to analyse them you find that the boys and girls at Sleeklens have moved many sliders in the adjustment panels and you will find interesting adjustments that push you to find and experiment with your own combinations.

Over all a nice bundle for little money and surely an array of new tools in my Lightroom editing workflow. In the case you are not into landscape photography never mind. Sleeklens has quiet a few preset bundles for any kind of photography and if you are lazy or simply don’t want to bother retouching your images you might want to try out their professional photo editing service…

Ok, enough talk, lets have a look at some of the stuff I did with help of the presets as a starting point as it is said that a picture says more than a thousand words, right? Oh, and this is a first time ever… You won’t find any unedited photos on this site. So here some unedited RAW files, straight out of the camera and their Through The Woods treatment right after 🤓

Before – Original RAW file

After – Image after applying some Sleeklens presets and some additional retouching in Photoshop.

Before – Original camera RAW file

After – The image with some Sleelens presets applied and some brushes used out of their brushes presets

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