Saving a life with 60 Euros

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Many things have been happening this past week. You might know that I have had a bad cold, just like many of us living here in the orphanage. This gave me the chance to experience a visit to a Nepali doctor. Of course do I have travel insurance and I could have gone to the excellent British Clinic here in Kathmandu, but as I only had some kind of an annoying cough I decided to take my chances and go local. The visit to the doctor itself was just like one would expect it from home. He took my blood pressure, pulse, checked the lungs, a few general questions and after a few minutes he gave me the medicine I had to take during the next three days. Only two things where slightly different than back home:

The room looked somewhat like a interrogatory out of a Russian spy movie and the price of my visit. I had to pay 150 Nepali Rupies (some 1,50 Euros) including the medicaments. Oh, and only in case you doubt: Yes, I’m ok now.

But as I said before. It wasn’t only me who had been sick. One case much more serious than me was nine month old Dan. He is the son of David which is the founder of the orphanage. For about three days he and his wife tried treating him at home but they could not stop the diarrhoea and vomiting of the little creature. As his temperature started to rise even more I did ask them if it would not be better to bring him into the hospital. That was when they confessed that they would not be able to pay the 2000 Nepali Rupies per day (some 20 Euros) that would cost. No doubt that this was a good reason to take some money out of the donation box. We called a taxi and only a couple of hours later we did arrive at what is Kathmandu’s best hospital for children. To be honest, the building and it’s installations do look like they have seen much better days but in defense of the place I have to say that doctors and nurses seemed very professional. After a few routine checks on the baby they immediately took him in and started his treatment. He had lost lots of weight and his face was swollen like a balloon. There is no need to have children on your own to know that diarrhoea can have fatal consequences on babies, so I was glad to know that finally he had some medical treatment. Three days and nights he was in hospital with his mother constantly at his side. Yesterday he has been released home where now he recovers completely.

I don’t know if the parents would have been able to get the money together in order to buy their son the medical treatment he needed. I don’t know what would have happened if Dan would not have gotten medical assistance. But I am sure his chances would not have been the very best as he is born early and anyway has not the strongest constitution. One more time this experience shows that it is possible to do big things with only a small effort. One time more I would like to say: Thank you! Thanks to you and your donation it is possible to do all those positive things that I am doing right now and I feel that this is something we are doing together. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

If you too wish to participate in this project you can do so by making a donation through Paypal or by sending me an email and I will send you my bank details so you can make a money transfer. Many banks do transfers in between European banks for free.

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