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Cesar Manrique's Cactus Garden - Guatiza

Cesar Manrique’s Cactus Garden – Guatiza

I just finished my first job doing some Stockphotography. I was asked to take one hundred pictures for a website about Lanzarote. I will post the link to the site here, in this blog once it will be online.

When I started this job I did not imagine how much work this will be. You have to get licenses and authorisations to be able to make photos in the visitor centres, parks and hotels and than you have to come back to the places several times to get right the light, the sky, the people, the tide and so on. In fact, who wants to look at pictures with grey sky, dirty beaches or bored people when dreaming of the next holiday.

It was a very interesting month in which I learned a lot about photography and in which I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. And this thread is for you. Thanks to you and your animation I finally finished the design for this blog which was there since last December. Loads came to visit my page and to look at the pictures and than told me that they really do like my work and that they come back to the site every now and than to see what’s new. Thank you very much to all of you, that’s so nice to know that so many of you like what I do. If you like we see us here, in this blog and please, don’t be shy. You can comment on the photos and/or on what is said in the threads. I hope you’ll make use of this possibility, because this site is your site.


  • Ari says:


  • Ari says:


    wondered if you would be my guru in the future.
    Have a look at your profile ( about me ), i you need to make some revise in it

    Cheers and good luck.

  • Dani says:

    Ari, thanks for your comment. I would like to be your guru, but I bet there in Bali you have some really great talented people. Anyway, hope to see you soon in your new house.
    Oh, and the Home and the About Me page are in process to be rewritten by Andrea. So that should be fine soon… 😉

  • germaine says:

    Hollo Daniel ,
    August 07 ,2009

    selten so schöne,ausdrucksvolle Bilder gesehen ,da soll man kein Fernweh bekommen.
    Obwohl ich schon einige Male die Insel besucht habe ,muss ich festellen dass es noch viele interressanten Fleckchen zu erkunden gibt !
    Wünsche Dir viel Erfolg


  • Dani says:

    Vielen Dank für die Blumen 😉 Hoffentlich bringt Dich das Fernweh dazu bald mal wieder auf Lanzarote zu Gast zu sein.

  • Werner says:

    Hallo Daniel !
    Wenn man die Bilder sieht,bekommt man direkt Fernweh nach Lanzarote.
    Eine wunderbare Insel die ich bestimmt einmal wiedersehen werde.
    Machweiter so…..

  • Fina says:

    Hola Edu,

    mientras estudio un poco, me acompañan tus fotos.

    Un beso

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