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Las Conchas - Lanzarote - La Graciiosa

Time flies they say… It is already a month that I am back home from Nepal so here just a quick update to say I am still alive. I am busy creating a page for the children I have taken responsibility of in Nepal and also I am working on a photo book with pictures from my experience there. The page will be to support the children’s cause and to make sure that I will have enough money when the next school year starts for them. The photo book I am working on will contain pictures of the marvelous landscapes I have found while traveling in Nepal and of course of the wonderful people I met along the way. Once it will be finished all the profits I get from this book will go entirely towards the children’s education. If you haven’t done so yet please subscribe to my newsletter and you will get an email as soon as the children’s page is online and/or the book is available.

While on my homepage slide you can have a peek at some of the new pictures that will be available in the photo book as well I also had time to clean up the Lanzarote picture gallery and added some new pictures too. So if you haven’t been visiting the gallery in while or just want to freshen up on some beautiful Lanzarote sights head over and enjoy some of the beauties of this unique little rock in the middle of the ocean.



  • G. Beck says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about the children you supported in Nepal. And I really like the idea of the photo book especially with all the profits sponsoring the children’s education. So keep us updated! And by the way … this is a fantastic photo – AGAIN 🙂 !
    Ich kanns kaum erwarten, mehr über die Kinder zu hören, die du in Nepal unterstützt hast. Und die Idee mit dem Fotobuch gefällt mir total gut, besonders da alle Gewinne in die Ausbildung der Kinder fließen. Also halt uns auf dem laufenden. Und übrigens … was für ein fantastisches Foto – wiedermal 🙂

  • Vinnie says:

    Kudos to you Dani! This is called ‘humane tourism’. Otherwise when we visit different places in the world, how many times we give a second thought to the sufferings we see all around. Supporting children’s education is the best way to remove poverty and empowering those kids to carve out a bright future for themselves.

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