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And finally it came true. Here is mi second photography book. It is dedicated to my project “Dani’s children in Nepal” and so the entire 5 Euros of my benefits are going towards the education of the children I am supporting in Nepal. If you don’t know my project yet and you would like to know more about it, please have a look at “Dani’s children in Nepal”.This book is a visual likeness of my experiences in Nepal which have shaped my life. The starting point to this trip was the wish to carry out some humanitarian work in order to help some people in need. So many times when we leave the comforts of our homes to venture into the unknown, the outcome is even more rewarding than expected. While travelling, volunteering and living with the Nepali people I did learn a lesson in life which no book could ever have taught me. I did experience kindness and love of humankind.

This book reflects the beauty I have encountered. Not only landscapes, but furthermore the inner beauty of the people I have met and who have touched my soul. It is the result of my desire to give something back for that light they have kindled in my heart and it’s also part of a project which, only a couple of months ago, I would never have thought that I would be able to make real.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

You can have a look at parts of the book and order it here if you would like to support my project. Buy it with a special 20% discount untill october 20th 2012. You only have to type the word FANS in the discount field during the check out.

Soon there will be the ebook for the iPad available too. This ebook will be for sale for 5 Euros and just as the benefits of the printed book those will go in their integrity towards my project and its children.

Thank you in the name of Amit, Roshan, Roju, Rohan and their mothers.

P.D. For all those who would like to order the book to Lanzarote: Please send me an email or message on Facebook untill the 16th October 2012, 13.00 hours (GMT). I am planing to do a collective order so you can save some money on the transport.


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  • Vinnie says:

    Nepal is a poor country but is extremely rich with natural beauty with Majestic Himalyas and its unique cultural traditions. Looking at the photographs here, I think you have captured all that is good and beautiful in Nepal. Can not wait to lay my hands on this.

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