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On Sunday morning I ventured into Arrecife to watch, and photograph, the racing of small, remote controlled sail boats (Regata de Barquillos de Autocontrol) at the Charco San Ginés. This event takes place annually as part of the towns San Ginés fiesta.

It was a clear, sunny morning, ideal for taking shots. The race consisted of five sail boats, each expertly handled by their skippers. They build these small boats by hand, complete scale models of actual ships, right down to the rigging, small knots in the ropes and wooden decking. There are no motors involved, it is all down to the sails, wind power and knowledgeable handling.
I was amazed at the range that the remote controls had, and at the ease that their captains seemed to sail them around the course. There were a couple of dicey moments when boats got stuck, but there was a guy on hand in the water to help out in these situations.

Although it was a ´competition´ of sorts, it was nice to see the friendly camaraderie that those taking part seemed to have with each other, making it an enjoyable event to watch.
It will take place again this Sunday, 23rd August, as part of the continuing San Ginés fieta celebrations. This week the location is close to the Club Nautico in Arrecife, starting at 10am.
To see the whole program of Arrecifes Fiestas de San Ginés, check it out at LanzaroteInformation.

If you are here visiting the island now, or plan on coming one day, why not look out for these skippers at either or these two locations where they set sail the whole year round. It is truly one of Lanzarote´s beautiful traditions.


  • W says:

    Beim nächsten Besuch auf Lanzarote werde ich mir diese ferngesteuerten Boote
    bestimmt anschauen.
    Ich freue mich schon darauf !!!

  • Dani says:

    Das solltest Du 😉 Würde einem ehemaligen Modelleisenbahnen-Freund bestimmt sehr gut gefallen.

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