Lanzarote Christmas preparations (2008)

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Belen de Tinajo

Belen de Tinajo

In a place like Lanzarote one does not feel christmas coming as we do at home. It is difficult to think on christmas when you’re surrounded by palm trees and people walking around in flip flops and shorts. But that does not mean we don’t celebrate here. In general the Spanish do celebrate their christmas the 6th of January which is the day of “Los Reyes”, the holy three Kings. But the last couple of years, Spanish started to celebrate the “Noche Buena” as well, which takes place at the evening of the 24th of December, just like in most other European countries. But still their main christmas day is “Reyes”.

A beautiful tradition here on Lanzarote are the “Portales de Belén”. From the middle of December on, almost every village on the island exposes these reconstructions of the christmas story on their town squares. Dozens of town workers and volunteers are building these scenes from the beginning of December on. With a lot of detail they embed the story of the little Jesus child, Maria and Joseph and the Holy Three Kings into the Landscape of Lanzarote. But see what I’m talking about. Today I’ve been to Tinajo, a village close to the Timanfaya National Park and a place with a lot of tradition.

If you’re here on Lanzarote, a good time to visit the “Belén” of Tinajo is the 25th of December at 7 pm. That’s when it comes “alive”. “La escenificación del Belén viviente” is a fantastic moment, where the whole town comes together and they celebrate Christmas the Canarian way.

If you are interested in the christmas program of Tinajo village, you can look at it at the Tinajo website.

The Holy Three Kings

The Holy Three Kings

Bringing the gifts...

Bringing the gifts...


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