Lanzarote Christmas preparations – Yaiza (2009)

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There´s Christmas in the air, even here in Lanzarote. Like every year, it´s kind of strange to think about Christmas when we are surrounded by palm trees and temperatures that the majority of European countries only have in the summer. If you don´t believe that, then check out the post about our hike last weekend on La Graciosa at

Anyway, a sure sign of the Christmas season arriving can be seen now in all of the villages here on the island as they begin to put up the Christmas illuminations along the sides of the roads with every major roundabout being turned into a festive display.

During the next weeks, I´ll post some pictures of the nicest Christmas decorations and lights here in Lanzarote, so be sure to check this site regularly if you would like to see them. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend that you subscribe to my RSS feed so that you don´t miss out on any new posts that I make on my blog.
I am starting this collection with some pictures from the beautiful “Belén de Navidad” in Yaiza, a village close to Playa Blanca. Please have a look at my post from last year about Lanzarotes “Christmas preparations” to found out more about the lovely tradition of the “Belén de Navidad”.


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