Bali Raw - Tourist Atraction “Danau Biru Bukit Jaddhi”

It seems that when it comes to pollution and noise the tolerance limit of the average Indonesian is well above those coming from less populated countries. Able to sleep next to busy roads and having lunch just next to the usual traffic jams in open air restaurants is common place. Also not in Bali, but in East Java, this new and popular tourist destination is very unlikely to make it on some European bucket list. In an active stone pit some sort of a jetty has been carved out which is surrounded by rain water. Bus loads of local tourist floc to that place to have their picture taken on some rocks placed in the “lake”, where a guy paddles you over on a raft all while around you the heavy machineries hammer into the rocks, trucks are racing around the pit and guys with chainsaws slicing out blocs of lime stone from caves in risk of collapse. Of course there is an entrance fee and not only one but three times one has to pay for the spectacular sights and sounds. First entering the pit, second when driving up the hill to be able to have a look all over the hole and then again driving down to the bottom in order to get access to the splendid blue lake in the centre. Most certainly one has to pay once more for the raft that takes its passengers on a 3 meters journey from the jetty to some rocks from where the crowd takes their selfies but at this point I didn’t bother to ask.

Tourist Destination "Danau Biru Bukit Jaddhi"The new local attraction in Madura Island, not far from Surabaya. Actually an active stone pit, noisy and dusty but actually pretty clean for Indonesian standards. Probably due to the fact that there are no Warungs selling soft drinks and food wrapped in plastic (yet).
The "Blue Lake" at Bukit JaddihDanau Biru, the "Blue Lake" in Madura Island, not far from Surabaya in the middle of an active stone pit.
Slicing Lime Stone5 meters next to "Danau Biru Bukit Jaddhi" where flocs of local tourists take their selfies, workers slice out lime stone with a chainsaw, cutting themselves deeper and deeper into the wall.