"Calima" they call in Lanzarote the strong winds coming from Africa bringing with them fine desert sand that at sunset gives a milky orange glow to the entire landscape . La Geria - Lanzarote

Kuta - Lombok

The warm light of the setting sun is bathing the bay of Kuta in its oragne glow.
Kuta -Lombok

Old Farm

Richmond - South Island

Evening Harvest

Two women harvesting wheat in the late evening near Bakhtapur.

View from my Cave

Beautiful sunset location at El Golfo - Lanzarote

Evening colours at El Golfo

The sunset on a cloudy day covers the bay at El Golfo with a beautiful light.

El Golfo

Solidified lava formations meet the wild sea. El Golfo - Lanzarote

Palm & Lava

Sunset on a cloudy evening in El Tinguaton - Lanzarote

Fire Mountains Sunset

Sunset in Lanzarotes volcanic area close to the Fire Mountains National Park "Timanfaya". In the background Lanzarotes little sister, the island La Graciosa.

La Geria & Timanfaya

Panoramic sunset view over Lanzarote's wine region and the fire mountains at sunset.

Mirador de Ye

Sunset view from the Famara cliffs in Lanzarote over to La Graciosa island.

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