Delayed New Year’s Greetings

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I can’t believe my last blog post is from September last year, so it is about time to let you know I’m still alive. As you can see from the above picture I was lucky to see some snow as I spent a couple of days in Germany at Christmas. I have only been to my parents village and I can tell I have never seen this place with so much snow. It was incredible and the first white Christmas I had, or at least I can remember, in my hometown. Sorry for all those who had to struggle with this weather, but I had a great time and really did enjoy it. Those who have heard the sound of fresh snow under their shoes know what I am talking about. The landscape with snow on it does not only look different, it sounds different too. And if this was not enough I ventured one of these days into the forrest with one of my favourite chillout podcast on the headphones. P9 Ambient Electronic’s Winter Dreams, what a setup… I like listening to the music while I’m out taking photographs, not always but sometimes it just suits the situation and I feel like watching myself in some kind of music video or so. I think the music changes the way how we do perceive our world and this reflects in the pictures I take while listening to music as well. So there I was, walking through a winter wonderland, wrapped up in my jacket and scarf, involved by some smoothy, loungy and chilly sounds, hunting for the light and motives in this surreal winter landscape. Wish you can feel it… Have a great and fantastic year and most of all: Don’t stop dreaming.


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