Dani’s children in Nepal – Update November 2015

Nepal and its people has been going through a hard year. Even more then the usual… Earlier this year the country has been devastated by a severe earthquake and many, many people lost the little they had. The area where the children are living fortunately hasn’t been effected directly however the extreme situation in Nepal has become even more difficult after many roads have been destroyed and supplies are even more rare then before. Unfortunately in October the school has informed me too that Amit has been taken out from school by his father who suddenly appeared out of the nowhere and took him away. At this point we have no information of his whereabouts.

The three siblings Rohan, Roju and Roshan however are doing fine and they love to go to school. See for yourself how proud (and grown up) they look in their school uniforms. This year their teacher did sent me some pictures of drawings they did apart from their report cards.

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