Dani’s children in Nepal – Update January 2017

I know, updates of what is going on with my kids in Nepal are spread far apart. Life has been throwing a lot on me the entire last year and I have been tied up with so many things that it was hard to keep contact. The fact that internet access is difficult, to almost impossible, for them or their mother certainly doesn’t make it more easy. It is thanks to an office worker at the school that every now and than I get some pictures and it is also him who does send me their progress cards. Anyway, and to make a long story short: They are fine and they do enjoy going to school. I am certain that this is not only the message I get because it sounds good. No, those and many other kids in Nepal unfortunately know where they would be otherwise could they not go to school.

Not long now for them to finish the school year which in Nepal ends usually round March and starts again in April. I am assured that they are good students and that they will pass the class. Hopefully in their new school year I will be able to visit them and like this will be able to have some more and better stories about them to tell.

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