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Lightning and Volcanoes

Thunderstorm and lightning illuminating the night over a volcano in Lanzarote.

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you already know why it was a bit quiet on my blog lately. I was busy in between work, a design course and of course I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather we had here in the past month, just as I was saying in my last two posts. Despite the fact that it has been calm on my blog a lot of things were going on. The maybe most exciting news is that one of my photos has been chosen in a photographic competition as “The most inspiring picture”. Aside from being proud to have been chosen from more than 300 photographs, the purpose of this competition is to raise money by selling the prints in order to built a well in a village in South Africa. In the email I got sent from the organizers they say: “Thank you so much, again, for your participation and support of the 2010 River to Well Photo Competition. Your photo has helped to change the lives of an entire village for years to come.” Isn’t that beautiful? You can find the picture and more information about the project and competition on the following web site: River to well. My photograph is the second one in the gallery. If you would like to see the picture bigger, have a look at my New Zealand photo gallery.

And talking about the photo galleries on my site I come to some other exiting news. While I am sure this is not interesting to everybody reading this blog I am happy to finally have achieved to make the galleries on this site accessible to all the people with mobile devices like the famous iPhone or iPad. The galleries are programmed in Flash and this technique is not supported by some of the new devices. However since a few days the galleries on this site have a fallback for these mobile users which is programmed with the new HTML5 technology and like that now you can look at my photo galleries with both, your computer or your mobile device. Have a look at them and let me know what you think. Dani’s photo galleries.

And what’s the picture of todays post? Well, it’s true that we don’t have many occasions here on Lanzarote to be able to see a proper storm, but despite the beautiful weather we had during the month of september we also had a nice storm. I could see this spectacle of nature from the terrace of where I live. On the picture the silhouette of the volcano “Montña Bermeja” in La Santa. Parts of the walls of the crater are collapsed into the sea and usually this volcano stands out due to its red colour especially when the sun is setting. However, and as you can see, this particular night it has been illuminated by the electric purple light of the lightings brought by the storm. As you can see there are stunning colours in Lanzarote also at night.

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