Lanzarote Christmas preparations – Yaiza (2009)

article by: at: 3rd Dec 2009 under: Lanzarote

There´s Christmas in the air, even here in Lanzarote. Like every year, it´s kind of strange to think about Christmas when we are surrounded by palm trees and temperatures that the majority of European countries only have in the summer. If you don´t believe that, then check out the post about our hike last weekend on La Graciosa at Anyway, a sure sign of the Christmas season arriving can be seen now in all of the villages here on the island as they begin to put up the Christmas illuminations along the sides of the roads with every major […]

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Lanzarotes first Winter Waves

article by: at: 12th Nov 2009 under: Lanzarote

This picture is taken early in the morning down the street where I live. During the night we could hear the waves getting bigger and in the morning when I woke up the bay of La Santa was looking like it had snowed. The white water of the breaking waves covered the whole bay. …while one might, I suppose, wish for a bloom to remain in blossom, for a ripening grape to hang always on the vine – yearnings John Keats made his own, for fleeting beauty and youth, the understandably hopeless hope that we might freeze our world’s better […]

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Photography For Lanzarote

article by: at: 26th Aug 2009 under: Lanzarote

Well, I have just had an e´mail from Strawberry World, the company in Madeira that asked me to take the photographs of Lanzarote, and their site on the island is finally live, featuring my pictures! As I mentioned before, it took a lot of work, more than I expected, but it paid off in the end, and it is nice to know that others planning a trip to the island will, hopefully, get some inspiration from my images. You can check out the site via this link and see for yourself 🙂

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Lanzarote Traditions | Remote Controlled Sailing Boats

article by: at: 21st Aug 2009 under: Lanzarote

On Sunday morning I ventured into Arrecife to watch, and photograph, the racing of small, remote controlled sail boats (Regata de Barquillos de Autocontrol) at the Charco San Ginés. This event takes place annually as part of the towns San Ginés fiesta. It was a clear, sunny morning, ideal for taking shots. The race consisted of five sail boats, each expertly handled by their skippers. They build these small boats by hand, complete scale models of actual ships, right down to the rigging, small knots in the ropes and wooden decking. There are no motors involved, it is all down […]

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Circular Walk From Vegas De Tegoyo Passing Montaña Del Cuervo

article by: at: 11th Aug 2009 under: Lanzarote

The onset of this walk is at the small church in Tegoyo, a church which is part of the estate of Casa Tegoyo, an extremely attractive manor house dating back to the 18th century, which is situated opposite. The house was purchased as a derelict stable in 1804 by wealthy lawyer Don Domingo Stinga who lovingly restored it as a gift for his Italian wife.  There is a rumour that states there is an underground passageway leading from the manor house to the small church built by Don Domingo Stinga to prevent others admiring his beautiful wife.  The property was […]

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Heat Wave On Lanzarote

article by: at: 4th Aug 2009 under: Lanzarote

Almost 50ºC (122ºF) that’s what the thermometers on Lanzarote measured last weekend. Even on our warm and sunny island we don’t feel such heat very often. Indeed I can’t remember such a hot day in the last ten years I have been here. The beaches in Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca and even Famara on the West coast of Lanzarote where crowded. No wonder… the heat in the streets and the countryside during the day was insupportable. How fortunate we are to have the sea right in front of our doorsteps so one can refresh, having a dip […]

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Photographs And Friends

article by: at: 2nd Aug 2009 under: Lanzarote

I just finished my first job doing some Stockphotography. I was asked to take one hundred pictures for a website about Lanzarote. I will post the link to the site here, in this blog once it will be online. When I started this job I did not imagine how much work this will be. You have to get licenses and authorisations to be able to make photos in the visitor centres, parks and hotels and than you have to come back to the places several times to get right the light, the sky, the people, the tide and so on. […]

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Lanzarote Christmas preparations (2008)

article by: at: 20th Dec 2008 under: Lanzarote

In a place like Lanzarote one does not feel christmas coming as we do at home. It is difficult to think on christmas when you’re surrounded by palm trees and people walking around in flip flops and shorts. But that does not mean we don’t celebrate here. In general the Spanish do celebrate their christmas the 6th of January which is the day of “Los Reyes”, the holy three Kings. But the last couple of years, Spanish started to celebrate the “Noche Buena” as well, which takes place at the evening of the 24th of December, just like in most […]

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